6 Worst Foods That Are Hurting Your Brain

You get hundreds of advices about foods that sharpen brain functions such as almonds, nuts, berries, fish and carrots. They definitely greatly boost your memory, eye-sight and alertness level. There are various exercises and yoga poses to act as brain-boosters. Meditation is another way to go specifically for a better focus which is extremely important for smart work.

On the contrary, we rarely get to hear someone forbidding few foods for their unhealthy and bad effects on the functioning of the brain. Either it’s brain fog or Alzheimer’s you get as a consequence, you search for the best neurologist, psychologist, neurosurgeon and what not to get some advice about our foods and activities.

6 Foods You Should Avoid, According To Brain Docs

Brain doctors have compiled a list of “unhealthy foods for brain” that can weaken your brain activities. If you are willing to change your lifestyle then have a look at the list.

1. Artificial Sweeteners

Being on a diet or healthy living makes you avoid all the extra carbs, sugar and calories by relying on artificial sweeteners. But recently a research conducted in Israel has shown what havoc these sweeteners are creating. They in actual effect gut bacteria which leads to diabetes type 2. Diabetes creates 4 times greater risk of Alzheimer’s.

What happens is that diabetes causes insensitivity to insulin which leads to raised blood sugar level and in turn it generates a risk of degeneration of the brain.

Which Artificial Sweeteners are Safest

Remember, nothing can replace what’s natural. According to David Perlmutter, a neurologist, People having natural sugar-sweetened drinks are at lesser risk of diabetes and Alzheimer’s than those consuming processed artificial sweeteners.


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