13 Best Snacks for Type II Diabetics

Snacks are packed with oil, carbs and especially sugar. Mostly snacks increase the blood sugar or send insulin level through the roof. Although snacks are delicious and tasty but very dangerous for diabetic patients. If they avoid sugar then they have to take crabs and oil in the form of snacks. It may increase the blood cholesterol level.

Here we are discussing 13 snacks for type II diabetics. It may help such patients to take healthy and delicious snacks.

1. Nuts

Nuts are healthy snacks. Although they have fats and calories but they have high quality fats. As well as calories are concerned to take a small amount of nuts almost handful is enough. Actually nuts are rich in fiber that controls the appetite.

Add a small handful of nuts like almonds, pecans and cashew that are good for type II diabetics.

Cashew Nuts and Diabetes Type 2

2. Fresh Berries

Fresh berries help to regulate the blood sugar level and good for diabetic patients. The high flavonoids content which regulates sugar level, on the other hand, berries provide crucial antioxidants which your body needs desperately.

Fresh berries include blackberries, blueberries and raspberries. One serving is enough as a snack every day. Try to add fresh berries in your diet. It keeps you healthy and satiated.

Berries Fiber


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