10 Safe and Effective Cures for Constipation

Constipation is one of the most common problem nowadays. However there are many medications but most of them give no desired results to coop out with this problem. Constipation is very critical problem for those who suffer it.

There are many safe and effective ways to get relief from this problem, but simple and easy solutions are home remedies which are purely natural and harmful. Some of natural ways to relief constipation are listed below.

Quick Home Remedies to Relieve Constipation

1. Drink Plenty of Water:

Constipation can also cause from lack of water intake, so we should drink plenty of water minimum 2 liters on daily basis. This will keep hydrated our body which is a main cause of constipation; so get hydrated and keeps your body hydrated to get away from constipation.

2. Eat Food Rich in Fiber:

Eating food with fibers may also relieves from constipation. This will improve your digestive system and obviously your overall health. So we should take high fiber food and making it a part of our diet to get rid us from constipation.

Juices also play an important role in constipation. Making juice a part of our diet also helps to relieve constipation.

3. Try Bananas for Mild Constipation:

Bananas are a great source of fiber and helps to relief constipation. If you use ripe bananas then it can work as a laxative and helps in good digestion.


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Muhammad sajid khan - October 25, 2016

Very nice good

Abdul kadir ashoukathali - November 9, 2016

super hints for CONSTIPATION.TNQ.

Gajanan khillari - December 15, 2016

Very useful information !

Gheorghita Gabriela - December 18, 2016

Cu tezultate exceptionale am recomandat pacientilor prunele si perele .Prune uscate 10 se pun in 300ml apa si seara se aduc pina la temperatura de fierbere .Se lasa peste noapte ,iar dimineata pe stomacul gol se maninca prunele si se bea apa in care au stat .Rezultat exceptional garantat .

shrikant. P - January 28, 2017

Very good remidy

Nahid yusuf - August 14, 2017

i m 50+ years suffring from piles. as i have costipation very old. is that because of drugs of BP. I dont know but suffring frm piles.

my constipation is old on which resulted the pile

hard stool with strenghth

how to come over my constipation

pls pls pls

Nahid yusuf - August 14, 2017

how to get rid of my constipatio as it is going to turnne on piles

very old constipation

Ruchi - September 12, 2017

Nice information…! But, is constipation curable at older age…, say, above 60 yrs…????

Ruchi - October 6, 2017

What are the food, vegetables, fruits that you will advise for relief from constipation for a person of 66yrs. age…??? Can he take milk daily…???

philip - October 6, 2017

Great information for healthy bodies ,keep up the sharing of simple things to improve life .

Eunide - January 8, 2018

VERY nice and thanks

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